Headbands, Hair Accessories, and Head Coverings for Women and Girls
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Israeli Tichels

Israeli Tichel's the classic mitpachat Choose from solid color tichels made from soft fabric and lurex ticle's. Bright colorful patterns and classic dark prints. Oblong and square. HeadsUphairWear.com features a huge selection of the best mitpachat at the best prices!

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  • Printed Oblong Tichel

    Printed Oblong Tichel

    This is a super comfortable and beautiful headscarf will add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit! The fabric is lightweight and breathable for an easy all day wear, and comes in many pretty color options with a multi-colored prints. The headscarf measures about 16" (wide) x 76" (long) allowing a generous fit for small to large heads to either tie up or let the tails hang. Whether your looking for a head covering for modesty, alopecia, chemo patients or just to accessorize, this headscarf will come to good use. Made by Landana Headscarves for quality that won't disappoint! Learn More
  • Tichel with Sparkle

    Tichel with Sparkle

    A beautiful and comfy ultra soft Israeli tichel untied sparkly head scarf. This is a very soft, light, airy head scarf. It is a square headscarf measuring 42 x 42 inches. A really great high quality square head scarf that's perfect for women looking for a Learn More

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